CatVando breeds compassion, not cats


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As the trapping demand grows, we need more traps. Click here to see how you can help.

Buy new plants for your garden, and help CatVando buy more traps.

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The 2016 trapping season is almost here, and we are still missing a few traps. If you borrowed any last season, and you still have them, please get them back to us as soon as possible!.

Spring is here, and we'll update this page as soon we begin taking bookings for the 2016 trapping season.

The Workshop schedules will be posted once the dates and venues are confirmed.

Make 2016 the year to get those cats TNR'd!


Has CatVando helped you?

Over the years, we have helped many people in many ways, when it comes to caring for cats.

It is always heart-warming to read about people rescuing animals in distress, and it can often bring tears of joy when there is a happy ending.

We now have a page on our website that's dedicated to CatVando's success stories.

If you would like to submit your OWN story, we'd love to hear from you!

Please email us, telling us how CatVando has helped you, and include your first name and your town. (If you'd prefer, we can post your story "From: Anonymous, IL")

Read previous Testimonials here

What we do:

We work toward the humane management and reduction of street cats, stray and feral, through a Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program. We work with communities to address the issue of street cats, provide support to cat care givers and use the opportunity to teach respect for all of life and can help to counteract violence at it’s core. A Cook County Sponsoring Agency.

Lend a Hand To The Cats And Residents In Your Community.

Does someone in your neighborhood feed cats? It might be someone who's isolated, or doesn't know about TNR, or is fearful that their cats may be taken away and killed.

You can help - we can help you to help them. Simply download our 'Seeing Street Cats' brochure (English or Espanol) and put it in their door (not mailbox please). It would be best if you could talk to them or write a personal note.

Remember, it wasn't long ago that they may have been threatened with a citation or the threat of trap and remove.

“TNR breeds compassion, not cats”