CatVando breeds compassion, not cats


CatVando Adoptions
Our primary mission is to prevent kittens through a Trap Neuter Return (TNR)  program. However, sometimes we get Trap Neuter Adoption (TNA’s). When shelters are full, we foster, socialize and vet the kittens. This part of our program also involves local youths in the care of kittens in addition to our TNR efforts.
While in our system, kittens are fed a good quality kitten food and care is taken to assure their long and healthy life to the extent possible. We supplement for specific issues i.e. Pro-biotics after antibiotics to assure the return of their natural flora to enhance both their digestive and immune systems. Many are exposed to dogs and are comfortable with them. They’ve been exposed to many wonderful volunteers.
When possible we capture the mama with the litter to assure their fuller development. Many times we keep them together for 9-12 weeks. Our adoption fee covers spay neuter surgery, FVRCP & Rabies vaccinations, parasite, ear mite  & flea treatment when necessary, and a micro chip. And some of them have a small ear tip – just a reminder that you’ve given a cat a home that could have otherwise had to fend for itself, on the streets.
Our adopted cats and kittens are welcome back for the duration of their life in the event the adoption doesn’t work out, or if it becomes impossible for you to keep the cat. We’re always available for consultation about behavior, health or referrals to assistance beyond our scope.
If you have any questions regarding our cats, kittens or the adoption process, please contact us via email, or give us a call.