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Donate a Computer

Donate Your Used Computer Equipment

Computers are essential for the day to day operation of any “not for profit” organization,

Despite regular maintenance, the computers we are currently using for our social media and general administration tasks, are no longer suitable for their requirements. The older these computers get, the slower they operate, and the less reliable they become.

So, we are looking for donations of desktop PC’s that are not more than 3 years old, and preferably running Windows 7. Even if you have a PC that does not work, or is running real slow or is riddled with infections, our volunteer tech team CAN likely get it working again, or use it for parts.

All donated computers will be wiped of personal information, by our trusted computer technicians, before being put into service at CatVando.

Flat Panel Monitors Needed

We are also in need of a couple of flat panel computer monitors.


We are accepting donations of PC software. Examples are:

MS Windows 7.
MS Office (2007 or 2010)
Norton Anti-Virus*
Norton Internet Security*
Norton 360*

* These titles are usually purchased with 3 licenses, but only one or two get used.

Please contact our computer tech if you have any questions or if you a computer or software you would like to donate.

A tax donation receipt is available for donations.