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Flower Essences

Flower essences are very effective for behavioral and physical issues for animals and people.

Flower essences are very specific to issue. If the right essence isn’t administered, there will be no effect. To learn how flower essences work, google ‘how do flower essences work’.

We’ve used flower essences for years, but have personally found “Spirit Essence” formulas to be more effective than others, and the breadth of their formulas cover a huge territory of issues. While this company markets to animals, if you see an issue that pertains to one of yours, try it! They are subtle but very effective.

We’ve used them to:
keep the peace, post surgeries, socializing feral kittens,
stress and anxiety, changes in environment, trauma release to prevent post traumatic stress, bully behavior, sensitive stomachs, grief and loss, territorial issues and more.

They are very effective, they do no harm and they don’t interfere with prescriptive medications.